Sell your Garrard 301 turntable comprises of a nationwide group of dedicated audio and music enthusiasts with a passion for Garrard 301 or 401 record players. Approximately 100,000 Garrard 301’s were produced between 1954 and 1964 in the UK, many have been left unused for decades. To us these antique motor units represent the golden era of British design and engineering, fully restored they can also sound wonderful too! We are always interested in complete Garrard 301 record players in plinths, standalone motor units or even parts, regardless of condition. We would also welcome the opportunity to buy complete hifi systems: speakers, amplifiers, etc as well as record collections.

We travel the UK weekly and where possible make an appointment to visit you and pay cash in person. Call or message us today for a free quote.

Sell Garrard 301
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Wanted Garrard 301 Turntables

We buy Garrard 301 turntables, any condition considered Following the advent of CD’s many Garrard 301 record players found their way into lofts, storage or have stood unused. We want to give them a new lease of life! Having worked with Garrards for several decades we are able in most cases to bring these turntables back to specification, if we can’t, the parts are always of use to us. There are of course many reasons for selling your turntable: downsizing, lack of use or sadly bereavement are some of the frequent reasons people contact us. Over the 20+ years we’ve been working with Garrard 301’s we’ve become experienced in dealing with: Charities, solicitors firms, house clearance experts, auction houses, BBC audio engineers and radio studio engineers, ex hifi retail specialists and of course audio enthusiasts and audiophiles. Often these turntables have not been used for a long time and many of the components will have perished, this is par for the course and something we accept and expect.

Regardless of your units condition we make the process of selling simple and straightforward.

Sell your Garrard 401

We also specialise in purchasing and collecting Garrard 401 turntables either as complete assemblies, standalone motor units or complete hifi systems: Speakers, Amplifiers, etc. Record collections (pending musical genre) may be of interest too.

The Garrard 401 turntable was released in 1965 and continued production until the mid 1970’s from the Swindon factory. Although aesthetically different from the earlier Garrard 301 the 401 shares much of its older brothers  mechanical DNA. We have a great passion for Garrard 401’s and welcome contact with owners or family members wishing to sell. We’d love to speak with you. We travel the UK weekly on buying trips paying cash on collection wherever possible at a time convenient to you.

Sell Garrard 401

Call or message us today, the process of selling is as simple as a phone call.

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